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ICI PUblications For sale

ICI has brought out the following technical documents, prepared by a panel of experts drawn from different disciplines, incorporating the latest practices, for the benefit of designers, consultants and practitioners. These books are to be in every library as reference document.

Handbook on Waterproofing of Concrete Structures

The Contents are:
Introduction to Waterproofing
Principles and Mechanisms of Waterproofing
Enhancing the Performance of Concrete
Integral Waterproofing Systems
Coatings and Liquid applied Membranes
Pre formed Membrane Systems`
Grouting systems
Impregnation systems
Guidelines for the selection of waterproofing systems
Surface preparation
Joint teratments for water proofing
Detailing for Water proofing Works
Integrity Testing of Installed Waterproofing Systems
Waterproofing of Tunnels
Health & safety aspects in waterproofing works
Green features
Model Contract Specifications
Codes, Standards and References

Handbook on Concrete Chemical Admixtures

The Contents are:
Water Reducing Admixtures
Permeability Reducing Admixtures
Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures
Polymer Bonding Admixtures
Foam Concrete Admixtures
Miscellaneous Admixtures

(Temporarily not available) Guidelines on Ground Supported Concrete Slabs for Industrial Flooring Applications

The Contents are:
Ground Support System
Slip Membranes & Vapour Barriers
Design of Ground Supported Slabs
Joints & Details
Floor Surface Tolerances
Floor Surface Protection Systems
Floor Maintenance
Construction Checklist
Future Trends

Handbook on Concrete Durability

The contents are:

Background and Foundations

    • Background - Concrete durability
    • Current Scenario in Concrete Durability - International and National
    • Major Deterioration Phenomena and Transport Mechanisms
    • Ingredients of Concrete and their Characterization for Durability

Durability Assessment and Design

    • Durability Provisions in Prevailing Indian Standards
    • Critical Evaluation of Test Methods for Assessing Durability of Reinforced Concrete Systems
    • Durability Design and Specification: Prescriptive vs. Performance Approaches

Practical Aspects and Way Forward

  • Planning for Durability
  • Examples of Typical Durability-Centric Provisions in Recent Projects
  • Evaluation of ‘as-built Quality’
  • Recommendations for Durability-based Planning, Design and Construction of Concrete Structures

Handbook on Precast Concrete Buildings

The contents are:

  • Precast Concrete in Buildings and Urban Infrastructure
  • Precast Concrete Building Systems – An Overview
  • Foundation and Underground Structures
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Prestressed Precast Concrete
  • Seismic Design of Precast Structures
  • Materials and Properties
  • Materials and Products
  • Joints and Connections in Precast Buildings
  • Production, Handling and Erection of Precast Elements
  • Quality Control and Assurance in Precast Products
  • Contracts and Taxation
  • Information Technology in Precast Construction
  • Case Study on Precast Building Using Precast Hollow Core Slab System
  • Case Study on Precast Parking Garage (Multi Level Vehicular Parking)

Recycling Use and Management of C&D wastes

The contents are:

  • Introduction
  • Amount & Composition of C&D Wastes in India
  • Policy, Guidelines and Rules
  • Recycling of C&D Wastes
  • Demolition and Recycling Equipments
  • Innovative Steps to Reduce Wastes
  • Use of Recycled Aggregate
  • Uses in Road Sector
  • Recycling and Use of Other Waste Materials
  • Promotional and Confidence - Building Measures
  • Recommendations

Recommendations on Fibre Reinforced Concrete

The Contents are:

  • Test Method For The Flexural Strength And Toughness Parameters Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Specifications For Reference Concretes To Be Used For Evaluating Fibres For Concrete Reinforcement
  • Definitions, Specifications And Conformity Requirements For Steel Fibres To Be Used As Concrete Reinforcement
  • Defitions, Specifications And Conformity Requirements For Polymeric Fibres To Be Used As Concrete Reinforcement

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