Any educational institution having more than 50 students in Civil and allied engineering branches can request the Chairman of the nearby center of the ICI or the Vice-President of the region/President/Secretary General at the headquarters the intention of the education institute to open a student’s chapter.  The Institute should satisfy the following conditions :
1.  The Institute shall become an organizational life member of ICI (OR) atleast four faculty members shall be members of ICI.

2.  Atleast 50% of the students subject to a minimum of 30 shall become student members.

3.i. The Institute shall undertake to organize atleast two technical lectures by eminent personality from the construction industry in each semester.

3.ii.  Organise technical report writing competition among students atleast once in a year.

3.iii.  Undertake technical visit to construction site and write report on their visits atleast once in a year.

3.iv.  Any other technical activity like exposition of new building material, etc., as option.