Innovative Applications of special Concrete


Kakrapar Atomic Power Project 3&4 Project 34th AGM - 07th October 2017 at Nagpur
USE OF HIGH VOLUME FLYASH CONCRETE IN REACTOR BUILDINGS OF    KAKRAPAR ATOMIC POWER PROJECT UNIT 3&4-2X700 MWE– M/s. L&T Limited (Principle Contractor) 31st AGM – 26th September 2014 at Mumbai
Use of Super Heavy Density Concrete in Kakrapar Atomic Power Project - Unit 3&4-2x700 MWE – M/s. L&T Limited (Principle Contractor) 30th AGM – 26th October 2013 at Bengaluru
Approaches to Signature Bridge at New Delhi - DTTDC 29th AGM - 22th September 2012 at Chennai