Mahatma Mandir Project, Phase 2B Gujarat (Under Building Segment)   34th AGM - 07th October 2017 at Nagpur
Seawoods Grand Central (Under Infrastructure Segment)   34th AGM - 07th October 2017 at Nagpur
MIAL Air Traffic Control Tower, Mumbai   30th AGM – 26th October 2013
ITC Grand Chola Hotel,Chennai   29th AGM - 22nd September 2012 at Chennai
Badarpur Elevated Corridor, New Delhi   28th AGM - 24th September 2011 at New Delhi
Khalsa Heritage Complex, Punjab   27th AGM - 18th September 2010 at Hyderabad
Bearys Golden Research Triangle   26th AGM - 11th October 2009 at Allahabad
Akhnoor Bridge J & K   25th AGM - 28th September, 2008 at Hyderabad
Bhavani-Kattalai Barrage 1    24th AGM - 23rd September 2007 at Nagpur
High Level Bridge Across Sutlej River in Punjab   23rd AGM - 12th September 2006 at Kolkata
Segmental Arch Bridge across River Beas at Ramshilla (H.P.)built by M/s.Gammon India Limited   22nd AGM - 22nd September, 2005
Hebba Flyover ? Bangalore built by M/s.Gammon India Ltd   at the 21st AGM
High Level Bridge over river Mahanadhi on Boudh-Kiakata-Rairaakhole Road (S.H.24) (The U.P. State Bridge Corporation Ltd.)   at the 20th AGM
JJ Flyover(M/s. Gammon India Limited)   at the 19th AGM
Chitanya Jothi in Prasnathi Nilaym (L&T)   at the 18th AGM
Delhi Noida Bridge across Yamuna (GIL) at 18th AGM   at the 18th AGM
Dragon Palace Temple in Kamptee (Baskar Constructions)   at the 17th AGM
Kaladan Bridge inMizoram (GIL)   at the 17th AGM
EDRC Knowledge Centre at the Headquarters Complex of L&T (L&T Ltd.)   at the 16th AGM
Airoli Bridge in Navi Mumbai (CIDCO of Maharashtra Ltd.)   at the 16th AGM
Nizamuddin Bridge in New Delhi (L&T Ltd.)   at the 15th AGM
Jadukata Bridge in Meghalay (Gammon India Ltd.)   at the 15th AGM
ECC Convention Centre in Manapakkam, Chennai   at the 14th AGM
Kantiveer Indoor Stadium in Bangalore (L&T)   at the 13th AGM
Akkar Bridge in Sikkim (Gammon India Ltd.)   at the 12th AGM