Dr. R. Malathy & M. Geetha "Strength Development of Self Curing Concrete with respect to age using Bio Materials as ADMIXTURES” 34th AGM - 07th October 2017 at Nagpur
M/s S.Bhaskar, Ravindra Gettu & B. H. Bharatkumar   29th AGM - 22nd September 2012 at Chennai
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Prof. Y.P. Gupta Use of Malwa Recycled Aggregate in Concrete Construction: A Need of Society for Better Environment 27th AGM - 18th September 2010 at Hyderabad
Experimental Studies on High Strength Micro-Silica Concrete   26th AGM - 11th October 2009 at Allahabad
Electrochemical Investigations to Evaluate the Performance of Inhibitors to Control Rebar Corrosion   25th AGM - 28th September, 2008 at Hyderabad
No Award   24th AGM 23rd September 2007 at Nagpur
No Award   23rd AGM - 12th September 2006
Dr.Prabhat Kumar   22nd AGM - 22nd September, 2005
Dr.Prabhat Kumar   at the 21st AGM
Dr. Prabhat Kumar & Dr. S.K. Kaushik Flexure of High Strength Concrete Beams at the 20th AGM
Mr.V.N. Heggade Raichur Natural Draught Cooling Towers Unit 5 & 6, ICI Journal Vol. No. 2  
Dr.T.S. Thandavamurhty & Dr. A.R. Santhakumar & Dr. A.G. Madhava Rao Flyash and Epoxy based high performance grout (ICI Bulletin 68) at the 17th AGM
Mr. K. Mani & Mr. S. Annamali & Mr. M. Neelamegam, Mr. A. Chellapan & Mr. P. Kalyanasundaram Assessment of Condition of Concrete through Field Testing - A Case Study (No.63 - ICI bulletin) at the 16th AGM
Mr.R.S. Dubey Rehabilitation of Railway Bridges (No. 61 - ICI Bulletin) at the 15th AGM
Dr.P. Suryanarayana Fatigue Analysis of Gulzari Bridge Deck (No. 60 - ICI Bulletin) at the 14th AGM
Dr.G.P. Saha & Mr. P.R. Chaudary Calcutta Metro - Cut, Cover & Shield Tunnelling Methods (No.53 - ICI Bulletin) at the 13th AGM
Prof. K.T.S. Iyengar & M/s M.C. Nataraja & S.K. Prasad and V. Lakshmi Srinivasan Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Corbels (No. 49 - ICI Bulletin) at the 12th AGM
Dr. N.V. Nayak Pile Foundations - Practical Problems and Remedies (No. 48 - ICI Bulletin) at the 11th AGM
Mr. A.K. Gupta Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Structures and their Rehabilitation (No.23 & 24 - ICI Bulletin) at the 10th AGM
M/s J.M. D'Souza & C.M. Dordi Chimney for 500 MW unit 6 (Trombay) the tallest R.C.C. Structure (No. 21 - ICI Bulletin) at the 10th AGM
Mr.S. Naharoy Concrete Shells for Bahai Temple, New Delhi (No. 15, ICI Bulletin) at the 10th AGM
29th AGM - 22nd September 2012 at Chennai