The guidelines for drafting the papers are as follows :

  1. The first page of the manuscript shall contain the following only :
    1. The title of the paper in block letters
    2. The name of the author
    3. A brief synopsis/abstract of the paper
    4. As footnote information regarding authors’ designation, organisation represented, etc., to be furnished.
  2. The entire manuscript shall be neatly typed on good quality paper, with double spacing and 4 cm margin on A4 sheets on one side only.
  3. The manuscript shall contain only necessary materials relevant to the topic of the paper.
  4. The total length of the paper shall not exceed seven printed pages including drawing and photographs.
  5. Tables shall be typed on separate sheets; preferably one table in sheet and these shall be kept immediately after text matter.
  6. Neatly drawn sketches preferably in ink on tracing papers and photographs preferably black and white glossy with necessary captions shall be kept separately at the end of the papers and not pasted in the text.
  7. In the case of papers having more notations all notations together shall be brought out in a separate sheet of paper immediately after front page.  The notations shall be same as are being followed in standard textbooks.
  8. All mathematical equations shall be typed accurately without crowding of letters or shall be printed with hand.
  9. All units used in the text shall be SI units.
  10. Consistency in presentation shall be observed through the text and abbreviation shall not be used except for units.
  11. All reference should be organised to provide initials and last name of the author, title of the paper, title of publication, volume, year of publication of the paper in the journal/book and page numbers as given below.
    1. HURST M.K.  Prestressed Concrete Design, Oxford Publishing Company, Calcutta 1964 p.p.148-154
    2. RAJENDRAN S,R,  High Strength Concrete, Thesis submitted to University of California for degree of Phd. 1963 (unpublished).
    3. VISWANATHAN M.  Fracture Mechanism of Ferrocement, Journal of Ferrocement Vol.No.183, Thailand, April, 1992.
    4. RAMAKRISHNAN R. Structural Adhesive of Joints in Engineering Research Report No.11, British Cement Association, London 1970.
    5. Indian Standard Code of Practice for Construction of Overhead Water Tanks IS : 11682 :1985, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.

            12. An undertaking by the Author, confirming that the paper has neither been published elsewhere nor presented in any other Forum.

NOTE  :  1.  The manuscript should be submitted in triplicate
               2.  Soft copy of the article in MS-Word in CD is a must.